Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the OSTRICHPILLOW ® ?

A. OSTRICHPILLOW ® is a cosy pillow which has totally revolutionised the art of napping globally, and brought a new dimension to rest in our fast moving world.

Q. Where is the OSTRICHPILLOW ® made?

A. OSTRICHPILLOW ® is hand crafted in Spain. It is produced with thought and lots of love every step of the way. Our team of designers have tested and re-tested every tiny detail to ensure a luxurious covert napping product is made.

Q. Who designed the OSTRICHPILLOW ® ?

A. OSTRICHPILLOW ® is a creation brought to you by Kawamura-Ganjavian in collaboration with Studio Banana Things.

Q. What are the benefits of the OSTRICHPILLOW ® ?

A. Napping is said to increase productivity by 34%. Many of our highest achievers have long-proclaimed the benefits of taking a brief time-out from the stresses of the day. In a nutshell, it is good for you. And you should take up napping, regardless of what your boss may say.

Q. Does OstrichPillow come in different sizes?

A. No, it comes in only one size and fits a maximum perimeter of 70cm. However Ostrich Pillow Junior is aimed for the little people in our lives and fits a maximum perimeter of 59 cm.

Q. Can children use it?

A. Yes, however please note it is not designed as a toy and children under 16 should not use it without parental supervision.

Q. How do I breathe?

A. The OSTRICHPILLOW ® has an opening on the front allowing you to breathe through you nose and mouth.

Q. Is it stuffed with feathers?

A. No. The OSTRICHPILLOW ® is stuffed with synthetic stuffing for maximum performance and lightness.

Q. How do I clean the OSTRICHPILLOW ® ?

A. We recommend you to spot clean your pillow gently by hand using mild soap and water, making sure that you air dry it thoroughly afterwards. Bear in mind that if you live in a wet climate, drying the inside of your pillow may take a few days. Please do not machine wash, tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean your Ostrich Pillow ® as some of these processes may damage your product.

Q. I found a site which says Official Ostrich Pillow™ and has the Official OSTRICHPILLOW ® images are these real OSTRICHPILLOW ® ?

A. No, there has been an upsurge of websites selling OSTRICHPILLOW ® counterfeits, many of these sites have actually stolen our copyrighted images and are posing as us. Our legal council are working hard to resolve this matter. Please be careful.

Q. How can I avoid purchasing a fake OSTRICHPILLOW ® ?

A. Should you come across a website using words such as ‘cheap ostrich pillow’, ‘discount ostrich pillow’, ‘ostrich pillow sale’ , ‘magic ostrich pillow’ or websites calling themselves ‘ostrich pillow outlets’ or ‘ostrich pillow shops’.

Q. Are the OSTRICHPILLOW ® items listed on eBay genuine?

A. No, there are no official sellers of Ostrich Pillow on eBay. Therefore we cannot guarantee the authenticity of these items.

Q. Can I buy the OSTRICHPILLOW ® on Amazon?

A: You can currently only purchase on Amazon (Europe and US). Please be aware there are may fakes out there. Ensure the seller account information name is; STUDIO BANANA THiNGS.

Q: How can I be sure of the authenticity of a website or stockist?

A: If you are unsure of the authenticity of a website or stockist please refer to our approved distributor list. If you are still in doubt feel free to mail us on

Q. Why OSTRICHPILLOW ® over a cheap copy?

A. Counterfeit copies are illegal and are intentionally trying to deceive you. Be careful, you don’t want to end up being sold a load of rubbish which can potentially prove hazardous to your health. Choose carefully; choose sweet dreams over nightmare fakes.

Q. How can I join the Napping Revolution?

A. By purchasing an OSTRICHPILLOW ® through an approved stockist and staying in touch via or tweeting us @ostrichpillow.